Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pocket Sales Records

Hello  Everybody !

Let me introduce a new application which is more essential for the sales man taking order from Super Market and Other Shops .

User has to create the Excel sheet with Item names and their price details from desktop and copy it to sdcard .This application will fetch the Details from the Excel Sheet .

Also , Sales man can take order by entering the quantity of the Items and save it to local Database .

This app allows us to export Sales Report,Audit Report and Combined Report in PDF or EXCEL format.

Screen Shots


Monday, 13 October 2014

Cric Info (Yet to release)

The Cricket lovers are everywhere now-a-days. I have a new app for them to get all details in a single light weight installation

     I named it as "Cric Info" and it is not released yet as there are  more ideas to enhance this app even better by adding more features .

    The Current features includes

  •          Live Scores - Current Innings , Status of the match,Toss Winner , Score Card of Current     Innings etc ...
  •          Recent Matches - The Details of recent matches and their score card
  •          Upcoming Matches-The Details of recent matches
  •          Archives - get the details of any Match by selecting the particular year .

Note: These Screen shots is not updated .will be posted updated near by delivery



Monday, 28 July 2014

2 . Xtractor

Xtractor allows users to extract the file with the extension of apk and it allows users to send the attachment of apk file to the mail address given by the user or users can store the apk file in the External storage .

Users can change the path of External storage in which the extracted apk file will be stored and also can set E-mail address from the "Settings" option .

The experience of Xtractor ,by the users can be shared among the social networks such as facebook and other applications.

Screen Shots : 

1. Sai Manthra

The "Sai Manthra" app allows us to hear the Sai Manthra for the 11,21,51 or 108 times .

We can set delay for the Image and text which are changing often .

Users can share their experience with friends or others using social networks like Facebook,Whats app etc..

Screen Shots :